Come Like Shadows

Acknowledgments and Thanks

I would like to thank all my readers for enjoying my books and sending me so many letters to tell me so. My editors and publishers are also an essential part of my writing life, and I am very grateful to them for all they have done to help me to produce the finest work I could, and to bring my books to a wide public. I am also deeply grateful to my various family members and friends (Albert Katz, Meredith Katz; Robert Wilton, Anne Wilton, Roberta Wilton, Beverly Wilton, Robert Wilton; Doug Bale, Erin Bale, Lee Bale; Peter Bangarth, Aurora Bangarth) for the loving support, encouragement and practical help I've received from them over the years.

Finally, my sincere thanks to my webmaster Greg who can be reached at

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