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Reader's Comments on Welwyn's Books

The Prophecy of Tau Ridoo

"This book is very good. The story never got boring, and its characters seemed so real. Even the beginning, which is usually boring in most books, was very interesting. Everything that happened seemed to interlock together. This was an excellent book!"
-- Aaron Peterkin, Grade 6/7, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

The Prophecy of Tau Ridoo cover

"This book is really good! My favorite part was when Jamie threw the baseball at the mirror, and how Cooky changed Romper and everything else."
-- Aaron, by mail.

Witchery Hill

"I couldn't stop reading it. It was the best book I've ever read. I really mean that! My favourite part of the book was when Mike tried to scare away the coven of witches."
-- Jason Guilmette, London, Ontario, Canada

"I loved your book, Witchery Hill so much that I'm writing you to see if you would write a sequel to the book. Like at the end where Mike and Lisa are at the funeral and Mike invites Lisa to Madison. Have her go."
--Erin Zartmann, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA

"I have just finished reading Witchery Hill. I must admit I had never read any of your books or in fact, even heard of you. I really enjoyed your book and would like to know if you have written any others. I hope you continue to write books if Witchery Hill is any indication of your writing talent."
--Kenneth Craig, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Please keep up your brilliant work. We love your books, especially Witchery Hill.
--Deeanna Charrion, Holy Spirit School, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Sun God, Moon Witch

"The story was good. I liked the part when Belman disappeared and all you could see was his eyes. I liked the whole story. There weren't any bad parts."
-- Lisa Dismeules, Grade 6. Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

"I have only read one of your books which was Sun God, Moon Witch, and I really enjoyed it. I want to read it again but whenever I go to the library it's out. That just shows how popular you really are."
-- Andrea Waters, by mail

"I liked the action, suspense, and descriptions. The books was very exciting. It left people wondering. I couldn't find anything bad about the story at all."
-- Angie Boldrick, Grade 7, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada

"I have read Sun God, Moon Witch. I liked it a lot and I am going to read your other books as well. I liked what you said about Sweet Valley High books. I hate them! Once I had a birthday party and everyone bought me a Sweet Valley High book. So I ended up with about fourteen of them."
--Sarah Smith, London, Ontario, Canada

"I am reading one of your novels, Sun God, Moon Witch. I've really enjoyed it! I really like the way you write. It is easy for me to understand the points each character is trying to get across."
--Kate Henson, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

False Face

"I have read your False Face and I was very impressed with it. I have my own copy now."
-- Peter Shelswell, Grade 7, Byron Southwood School, London, Ontario, Canada

"I want to congratulate you on your success with the book False Face. I have read your book, and I must say that I really enjoyed it. I felt I could relate to the main character, and her problems in some of the chapters. What I found most interesting about the book is the history behind the Faces and the Iroquois Indians."
-- Jonathan Desjardins, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"I am writing you this letter because I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book False Face. It was a very exciting, interesting and spooky novel."
-- Tar Abrams, Grade 5, Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

"Your novel False Face was outstanding. I like your use of effective language. You had humour, suspense, and intriguing mystery which are my favourites. I also liked how you including the magic in the masks. It made it feel like reality. I thought that I was there with Tom watching Laney when she was being attacked by the mask in her mother's workshop."
-- Kelly Henderson, Madoc, Ontario, Canada.

"I liked the way your describe your characters. My favorite character is Laney. She is just like me. My favorite part in the book is when they found the dead body in the bog. Another favorite part is when Laney's dad spent the day with her."
-- Nohad Ghadban, by mail.

"We are two Swedish teenage girls who have read your book False Face. We really liked it. It included love, hate and action. It was easy to read and when you had begun you could not put it away."
-- Caroline Filbey and Hedda Magnusson, Orebro, Sweden.

"I really enjoyed your book False Face. My favorite parts were when Laney found the masks and when she found the body in the bog."
-- Mandi Panetta, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"False Face was an excellent book. I liked how the book was done, because it kept me in suspense. I couldn't wait to see what happened next."
-- Colton Simpson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"I have read one of your books, False Face. We read it in school and I liked it so much I got it for Christmas and read it again. The part I liked best was when Laney and Tom went to the store in the middle of the night."
-- Clinton West, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

"I recently read your book False Face and would like to comment on it. I thought that it was a very well written book and it was thoroughly explained. I found it immensely interesting and I hope that you will continue to write books."
-- Katherin Slanisky, Grade 8, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Grade 6 Student Reviews, by mail from Markham Ontario,  May 2012

  1. "Your book False Face was amazing ever since. Ever since I read that book I wouldn’t stop thinking about it. ….Your book made me feel like I was part of your book. It also made me feel mysterious, amazed , terrified, sad and many more, but it still didn’t change my liking to the book. Also I was very mysterious about the mask. During the class our teacher told us you were able to answer some of our questions from us which made us very happy, but when you answered one question my classmate asked, my teacher said what you said that the False Face had real powers which made me get a little chill/scared, but it was cool. You are an amazing writer"…. Camille
  2. "Everyone in my class read your amazing False Face book. I thought it was really good and interesting…My favourite character was Laney because I can relate to her, I have an older sister like Rosemary and we also fight like them too. We also both like to explore and learn new things…I hope we can read another one of your books"...Zoe
  3. "My favourite characters are Laney and Hambone. I like Laney because she reminds me of my friend whose parents are divorced and loves to hang out with her dad. She still loves her mom , but her mom is more strict. I like Hambone because he sounds like a sweet dog and reminds me of my dog. I really liked your book and found the Indian history very cool and interesting"...Avril
  4. "People in my class liked the book, but I think I liked it the best. I hope you write another book to follow up False Face"… Luke
  5. "I heard you won an award for False Face and I can see why…I thought your book was good because Laney and Rosemary related just a bit to me and my brother"...Christopher
  6. "The book was awesome"...Jillian
  7. "My favourite part about the book was all the powers the mask has I think that your book is a cool thing to read but also teaches you cool stuff. I’m sure you learned a lot about Indian cultures while you researched information"….Isabelle
  8. "My favourite character was Tom because his personality is very confident and interesting how he has to live two different lives. He also had the willpower to not let the False Face mask possess him. He also helped and protected Laney which Laney needed in her point of life"….Nathan
  9. "I hope I can be a good writer like you one day"….Nermen
  10. "I loved your book….During the summer I head up to a place called Rainy River. Rainy River is located in Northwestern Ontario. There is a large number of Aboriginal reserves around the area. I often visit Aboriginal museums. When I read your story, I could picture the masks you wrote about"...Lauryn
  11. "I really enjoyed your book. I thought I wasn’t going to like it but ended up liking (it)"...Sean
  12. "Thank you for making False Face, I really liked it. It was a really good book and I would like to see (read) more. It made me like I was a part of the book…I’m not a fan of Indian things but you make it seem so interesting. Please keep making books and I think a sequel would be cool"...Ulan
  13. "Thank you for answering my question about why you made Laney and Rosemary fight and argue a lot. False Face was a better book than I thought. It was very thrilling and exciting. It made me want to keep reading…a surprising and awesome end"...John
  14. "I could really relate to the characters from the book, like Laney and Rosemary. I related them to me and my brother. I really enjoy reading False Face"...Ara
  15. "I hope you make False Face Part 2"...Weldon
  16. "I really liked your book. The epilogue was nice too. This book was interesting and mysterious"...Menuk

"I like your book False Face. I liked how you mixed myth with reality. I plan to read another one of your books but right now all your books are signed out."
-- Anthony Sull, by mail.

"I have just finished reading one of your books called False Face. I personally enjoyed it very much. I am not one who reads very often and usually find most books boring. Fortunately, I couldn't put this one down. It was very entertaining. From what I have read, I think you are a very creative person who knows quite a bit about life and its difficulties. I'd just like to thank you for making it possible for me to read such an intelligent piece of work and enjoy it. Thank you!"
-- Danielle Delannou, by mail.

"I never knew anything about False Face masks. I learned something by reading your book. The book was suspenseful and moody. I think the characters Laney and Rosemary describe me and my sister."
-- Elizabeth Hart, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Some of my favorite authors are V.C. Andrews and Danielle Steel. When my English teacher suggested we read False Face, I have to be honest, I didn't want to at first. But when I started reading it, I enjoyed it very much. I like the way you express each character and the information you gave on the Indians. It must have been hard work."
-- Nezeth Hall, by mail.

"False Face is a good and interesting novel. It reminded me of my Iroquois heritage. As my teacher read us more and more of False Face I wanted to read more of your books. Your books encourage more people to read."
-- Cody Kennedy, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

"I'd like to begin by telling you that I really enjoyed reading your book. It was very interesting. I never knew anything about False Face masks until I read your book. I don't know if they have as much power as you have written, but you have me convinced that they do."
-- Joanna Kavoriris

"I enjoyed reading about the Indians. I especially like the way you wrote about how Laney felt inside at the ending up of the book."
--Jamille Bhagwandasm, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"My name is Michael Sedore. I am in grade six and I'm eleven years old. I read your book called False Face. I like the part when the large face attacks Laney. Did I forget to mention that I am a Mohawk Indian?"
--Michael Sedore, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I want to meet you some day. I'm in an enrichment class and we had to pick a Canadian author and I picked you. After I read False Face I'm looking forward to reading more of your books!"
--Glen Van Nie, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"We are Katie Johnston and Jennifer Athoff who have read the terrific novel False Face. We thought it was quite fascinating. It was, because there aren't many novels like it, and we learned a lot about false face masks. It was also suspenseful because at the end of each chapter we had to keep reading. We had to because we had to find out what was going to happen next. Our favourite part was where Laney went to her mother's shop and Tom followed. She found the big mask in a tank and it controlled her. It was a very good novel, we hope you will write more like it."
--Jennifer Althoff, Katie Johnston, Madoc, Ontario, Canada

"Hello, my name is Shawn and my class just finished reading your book, False Face. Me and my class really enjoyed this book! I think besides the action it taught an important lesson about looking at a person for who they are, not what colour skin they have. Thank you very much for writing this book, and thank you for the message that it teaches."
-- Shawn, Alberta, Canada.

Thank you very much for writing me this email. It matters to me that people such as yourself understand that my book was not just meant to be enjoyable and exciting, but to say something that is important. I don't always know what important thing I mean to say when I am writing a book, but with this one, I knew all along. So thank you very much for understanding what I meant, and for agreeing with it.
-- Welwyn

The Third Magic

"I thought Third Magic was a knockout, a wonderful book. Congratulations!"
-- Joan Clark, Canadian author, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

"I read this book perhaps 7 or 8 years ago, and only once. But to this day, I remember it as one of the best books I have ever and most likely will ever read. Welwyn Katz takes a fascinating story and puts an entirely new twist upon this interpretation of Arthurian legend to make a truly wonderful, truly memorable book."
--, a reader from Champaign, IL, USA.

"The book just knocked me out, Welwyn. I'm awestruck at your accomplishment -- also at your courage. Jeez! Jeez! You have vaulted to the top ranks, no doubt about it. I am proud to call you "friend."
-- Claire Mackay, Canadian author, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Ohmegosh... This is a wonderful book. No one tells stories like Welwyn W. Katz, and when she does, she does it well What's the book she's written I haven't read and enjoyed? It doesn't exist. The story was great, and the ending, adding the story of King Arthur into it, just gave the book a wonderful spice."
-- Carissa Di Gangi, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

"Here's my copy of The Third Magic, return postage enclosed. I'm asking for an autograph. The story kept me in suspense to the very end! It is a spectacularly good book -- though somehow I have a feeling you'll do much better yet."
-- Jan Hudson, Canadian author now deceased.

"My copy of The Third Magic is tattered and faded, but the words are clear despite eons of re-reading. It is my favorite fantasy novel for several reasons. It is masterfully written. Never have I been so transported to realms of awe and wonder. This book also supplies a unique and beautiful blending of breath-taking legends, and supplies a new and exciting perspective to such Arthurian characters as Merlin, Arthur, and my favorite, Morgan le Faye. The combination of the Irish Goddess, the Morrigan, and Arthurian's Morgan le Faye is brilliant. I will keep re-reading my tattered copy until it inescapably crumbles, and when it does, I will buy a new copy of it."
-- Erin Watkins, commenting on's website.

"Congratulations on winning the Governor General's Award. I am totally awed by The Third Magic. However do you create such a convincing other world?"
-- Kit Pearson, Canadian author, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Third Magic. It was very intense and suspenseful. There were times I couldn't put it down, to see what happened next; and other times when the sheer intensity made me need to stop reading for a while. It must have taken a lot of emotional and mental strength to write."
-- Ellen J. Bitz, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

"The Third Magic is wonderful. You've woven those three stories together very well. And to have come up with a new approach to the King Arthur legends which have been done to death... I keep thinking of Susan Cooper as I'm reading your story. Not that you've copied anything; just that you've made the same sort of creative use of legend as she did. Anyway, good on you, as my English friends say... Just thought you might like to know I passed the book on to an extremely bright 16-year-old who raved about how wonderful it is and insisted her 14-year-old sister read it at once."
-- Barbara Greenwood, Canadian author and reviewer, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada

"The Third Magic is a terrific book, delightfully complex and completely absorbing. Truly an accomplishment. Thank you for writing it."
-- Terry Griggs, Canadian author, London, Ontario, Canada

"A FAN letter. Wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed The Third Magic. Especially the imagery and writing in the 'Arthurian' chapters. Can hardly wait to read what you're working on next."
-- Linda Toivanen, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada.

"I just finished The Third Magic last night and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I'll admit freely that I'm not normally a fantasy fan, but I was gripped from first to last. I'm amazed at how much you accomplished with such economy of style -- a sign that you are in full control of your craft. I'm equally blown away by the scope of your imaginative powers, by the creation from scratch of new worlds and new mythologies, so precisely conceived and expressed."
-- Pat Morden, Canadian magazine writer and editor, London, Ontario, Canada.

"I was thrilled to read that you'd won the Governor General's award for The Third Magic. Congratulations. The book certainly deserves it!"
-- Alison Pirot, Canadian author, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Your book was fabulous! This epic F.A.N.T.A.S.Y. is one of the most excellent books I've ever read and one of my favorites. Your characters, ideas, and names were very well done. I hope you keep writing books like The Third Magic!!!
--Eric Filion, Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

"In a conversation on a train (you were going to Stratford, I was going to Guelph for a graduate school interview) on Mar. 16th, you told me a bit about The Third Magic. I have since read it, and enjoyed it very much.
I am a psychology student at Western, and so I have asked your husband if he will ask you to sign my copy for me.
I look forward to the book about whales!
P.S. The graduate school at Guelph accepted me!"
-- Andrew Taylor, London, Ontario, April 10 1989


"I have read your book Whalesinger. I enjoyed it very much! I personally think it should have been made into a movie. When the baby whale died and the mother said, 'Oh, the weight of it all...' -- that was so sad I cried. I also hated it when Bill attempted to shoot the baby whale but hit the mother. I felt if Bill was real I could slap him! My favourite characters in the book are: the whales, Marty, and Junie and Kathy. Marty and the whales rule over all."
-- Desire Mention, Grade 7, London, Ontario, Canada

"...chosen as (a) favorite from among 70 new titles read by the Young Critics Club at Perrot Library in Old Greenwich, CT. The Young Critics are 30 avid readers in Grade 5-8 who meet regularly to listen to booktalks and talk about books. They are extremely thoughtful, discerning readers. Please convey my congratulations to Ms. Katz for (her) outstanding book which (is) being widely read and appreciated by real kids in Old Greenwich, CT."
-- Kate McClelland, Head of Children's Services, The Perrot Memorial Library, in a letter to Michael Eisenberg, Macmillan Children's Book Group, May 19, 1992.

Come Like Shadows

"For the past four hours you have suspended my disbelief and transported me to the worlds of the theatre, the past, Macbeth, a young lady, and Scotland. You have made me excited, nervous, fearful, angry, scared, and noble. Thanks for the ride!"
-- David Waugh, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Couldn't put it down. Should be a welcome addition to school reading lists."
-- Ven Begamudre, writer, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"It's a wonderful book, so imaginative and really quite gripping. It's terrific."
-- Meg Westley, director and professor, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, June 7, 1993

"I loved Come Like Shadows. It was so nicely textured, and you kept me on edge right to the last page!"
-- Alison Lohans, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, December 3, 1993

"I enjoyed your book very much and I know now that there's more to reading than horror novels by R.L. Stine."
-- Katie Baldwin, Grade 7, London, Ontario, Canada.

"I have been feeling very unhappy because Come Like Shadows was seemingly ignored completely for all awards but the one. It richly deserved more. It is a marvellous book. I have had great success with it and have used it so much with classes, etc. It never stays on the shelves for long!"
-- Marilyn McCulloch, chief young adult librarian, Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

"Thank you, THANK YOU for sending Come Like Shadows! What a marvelous, riveting... FANTASTIC read! Now I must run to the library in the morning and seek out a copy of Macbeth and re-read the play and Come Like Shadows again. I truly enjoyed the mesh of old magic and new and the theme of the witches/goddesses."
--S. Brubaker, North East, Maryland, USA

"I have one student who really doesn't like fantasy very much, who even managed to be blase about Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. I was doing an exercise with my students in another class that she is in, and I guess she finished the exercise early because I looked over and she was reading Come Like Shadows. I went over and asked her how she liked it, expecting the usual so-so response from her. She looked up reluctantly and said, "I just can't put it down," then right back to the book! I was thrilled."
--J.R. Wytenbroek, Professor, Northern Lights College, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada

"Dear Welwyn, May I take this opportunity to thank you for your gift of your book Come Like Shadows. Reading it gave me a 'Future for my past' -- my mother was 'on the boards' at the Grand years ago, my first trip to Stratford - (first year after the tent folded!) was with my school Loretto Academy (Hamilton) -- methinks a love of literature is in the genes!
Then I just had to read Out of the Dark. It is exquisite in its drama-pathos but oh-so redemptive!!
L'anse aux Meadows here I come!
Yet the real gift was you reading from the heart, sharing yourself. You have a solid fan here -- I wish you continued joy in the journey."
--S.A. Lenaerts, London, Ontario, Canada

Time Ghost

"First of all I want to thank you for your book Time Ghost. It is a really good book. I liked the way Dani got the dog to like her in the end. Time Ghost is a great book. I hope you write more books just like this.
-- Angela K. Contalcos, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada (by mail)

"Hi, my name is Cindy, and I really did enjoy your book Time Ghost it really is interesting. I like the way you express yourself. Your language is cool.
-- Cindy Rodgers, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (by mail)

"Actually there's just a few words I'd like to say to you and well here they are, I think Time Ghost was very well written and you have great taste in writing. You have a wonderful talent in putting words together and you should really keep it up. I think it would be really neat if you wrote a sequel of this book because it would be very interesting. Would they have to stay at the North Pole?
-- Angie, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada by mail

"Our class is studying Canadian authors. I picked your book Time Ghost because I thought the title was mysterious and suspenseful. I love those kind! You are a very talented writer because after I started reading your book, I couldn't put it down! I loved this novel because it was so unique and interesting. Somehow, this book was different from all the other books I've read. It had a powerful feeling that made you sense something good or bad was about to happen. I never knew all the time zones met at the North Pole. You are a very imaginative author and I knew that you will be very successful and be recognized by children all over the world. If you have the time, please write a letter back answering my questions! Thank you once again for writing such an enchanting and charming book!
--Lily Xu, from Richmond, BC, Canada

"This was my favourite book when I was thirteen."
--Tessa **** (out of 5)Goodreads Reviews 2018

"Set in the future when the environment has, predictably, been largely destroyed, this book avoids the trap of becoming just another preachy treatise on what will happen if we don't take care of our planet (not that that isn't important, but I do like to be entertained when I'm reading fiction). It is first and foremost a great time-travel story, with well-developed characters and some new twists on traditional time-travel conventions. It's kind of awesome, actually. Should get more attention that it has; although written in the nineties, it still feels fresh and timely."
--Maggie **** (out of 5)Goodreads Reviews 2018

Out of the Dark

"I really enjoyed your book Out of the Dark. I especially liked how you almost could read two stories, one in the present time and one in the past. The book reminds me of what happened to my friend when she was little, because her Mom died and her and her family moved away."
-- Heather Woolvett, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Out of the Dark is really great. It is like magic."
-- Alice Walsh, Canadian author from Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"I am writing to tell you some of the things that I really liked about the novel Out of the Dark. I like the myths because I like myths always. I liked the myth about the two dwarfs who invited the giant over in the boat but then he drowned. I like it because it all was in some way connected to the story. I would have to recommend the novel to my teacher because she likes to know about myth-based stories."
-- Phelan Lewis, by email.

"I just closed the cover of Out of the Dark and I want to let you know how much I appreciated this wonderful story: TONS! I don't remember when I last cried so much over a book. Here I sit on the most perfect day the west coast summer has to offer, wanting nothing more than to be with Ben on the other side of the continent. Not only is Out of the Dark a tenderly written, complex, exciting novel, but as a grade seven teacher, it will be most useful in the Social Studies course. Until today (!) my very favourite of your stories was Whalesinger. Its magical gentleness still wiggles into my mind whenever I think of whales."
-- Lenora Jean, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

"Just to tell you how much I enjoyed Out of the Dark. I admired the way you integrated the past and present and I learned from the history also!"
-- Barb Attard, Canadian author, London, Ontario, Canada.

"I recently read your book titled Out of the Dark. I felt that this book was very realistic. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to anyone."
--Justin Fiege, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

"Dear Welwyn, May I take this opportunity to thank you for your gift of your book Come Like Shadows. Reading it gave me a 'Future for my past' -- my mother was 'on the boards' at the Grand years ago, my first trip to Stratford - (first year after the tent folded!) was with my school Loretto Academy (Hamilton) -- methinks a love of literature is in the genes!
Then I just had to read Out of the Dark. It is exquisite in its drama-pathos but oh-so redemptive!!
L'Anse Aux Meadows here I come!
Yet the real gift was you reading from the heart, sharing yourself. You have a solid fan here -- I wish you continued joy in the journey."
--S.A. Lenaerts, London, Ontario, Canada

"I wish I had a transcript of the incredibly spirited arguments and "aha!" experiences that went on during our literature circle discussion times! I notice that up on our MYRCA (Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award) rating chart, Out of the Dark has been given 4 out of 4 stars by everyone who has read it. Thanks for your help!"
-- Val Nielsen, children's librarian, Manitoba, Canada

"I really liked your book. I liked finding out how the clues on how Ben's mother died, and when I found out I was happy (but sad) to find out. We did a play on your book."
-- Janessa, Manitoba

"I read your book Out of the Dark. I really enjoyed it. I have also just started your book False Face. I think it is a great book. I think you're a great writer."
-- Carla-Jean Thompson, Manitoba

"I liked your book a lot, but what I want to know is, how did you do the research? And how did you decide which parts of your research to put into the story? What other kinds of books do you write?
p.s. Your book really attracted me to the Norse myths and I really enjoyed reading them."
-- Jarrod Epp, Manitoba


"I read your book called, "BEOWULF". I liked the battle with the dragon because it was very exciting. I thought he might die."
--Thomas A, British Columbia


"I am very fond of your work. Your novel, "The Third Magic" was a well-written book, as are all your creations. Your ability to create a fictional yet somehow realistic atmosphere filled with both magic and adventure is indeed outstanding. You weave a web filled with wondrous and sometimes impossible events to overcome, but somehow the hero always conquers it with creativity and cleverness. Your writing both captivates and leaves me spellbound. I enjoyed "False Face" to a great extent. It's sad how people can be so cruel, racist, and prejudiced, all these were demonstrated in this book. You have not only left me spellbound, but inspired as well."
--Quenby Rose Joanette, Marathon, Ontario, Canada.

"I read your book thoroughly. I enjoyed it and read it over several times. Just if you were wondering, the book I read was called False Face. But the best book I've ever read is Witchery Hill. It had a lot of courage and determination. In footnote, I think your book was intriguing and very suspenseful. I like the way you built up the tempo."
--Michael St. Pierre

"My name is Jennifer Houze and I'm a big fan of yours. I go to Hamlet School in Stratford and I'm in grade five. So far I've read Witchery Hill and Sun God, Moon Witch, right now I'm reading The Prophecy of Tau Ridoo.
--Jennifer Houze, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

"I am very interested in writing and am a fan of all your books. Especially such titles as Witchery Hill, Whalesinger, and False Face. Might I add that you are one of my favourite authors."
--Peter James Gough, Upper Canada College, Canada

"I just love reading your books because it's so obvious how much time and effort you put into your work. Every one of your books that I have read has taught me something and given me insight to a new subject that I knew little about. For instance, in Witchery Hill, I learned so much about witches, covens, sacrifices, and curses. I just adored that book. I especially liked the "coming of Christ" to scare away the witches! Then in Time Ghost I learned about the potential future and how things could be. I was just completely in awe when I finished it. I could not believe that you had come up with that idea! I love it! Then in False Face I learned about Indian False Faces and the power that they have. I thought that that was such an original idea to write a book about. I had no idea that the Native Peoples had such interesting masks. Now I am learning about Macbeth. All the topics are so different, yet they are so interesting. They are spellbinding! You are my very favourite author, and I truly mean that. I have read hundreds of books by hundreds of different authors, and your books put you above the rest. You are the only author that I have ever met, as well as my favourite. I was so fortunate to meet you!"
--Erin Dragasevich, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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