Sun God, Moon Witch

A girl and boy defend an ancient ring of standing stones that can control an awesome power.

Recommended age: 12-15 years.

Thorny McCall dreads the thought of spending the summer with her cousin Patrick in sleepy Wychwood Mount. But to her amazement the quiet English village is the centre of a dramatic controversy over Awen-Un, an ancient stone circle similar to Stonehenge. Soon Thorny finds herself caught in a deadly struggle between a mysterious lady in white and the fiery local squire, as the powers of darkness battle the powers of light.

Comments on publication of Sun God, Moon Witch:

"The story takes off like a shot and crackles with energy."
-- Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec. 20, 1986

"The climax of this book is riveting."
-- Canadian Materials, January, 1987

From letters to Welwyn:

"...I have just read your book Sun God, Moon Witch.It was wonderful to read. I have not found many books these days about Wiccan beliefs that are accurate and portray them as well as your book does." --Tori C., Australia. Letter April 27, 1997

Reviews from Goodreads.Com

“I am so glad to have rediscovered this author 20 years later. I LOVED her books when I was a teen, suffering through miserable St. Louis summers at the Big Bend Public Library. Her books are magical!” (Kate)

Softcover edition: Groundwood Books, Toronto, third printing 1995. ISBN 0-88899-246-7.

Foreign Editions:
"Sun God, Moon Witch", Angus & Robertson, North Ryde, Australia and London, U.K., 1988. ISBN 0-207-15833-9

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