The Prophecy of Tau Ridoo cover

The Prophecy of Tau Ridoo

Danger to twins is the prophecy that draws the Aubrey children to the dark world of Tau Ridoo.

Recommended age: 8-11 years.

One by one Jamie's toys disappear, and then his sister Del is whirled away into thin air. The rest of the Aubrey children pursue her into the lightless world of Tau Ridoo, a mysterious and perilous place. Here they discover an enigmatic prophecy that foretells how the evil Red General might be overthrown and light brought back to Tau Ridoo. Separated and pursued through this hostile land by agents of the Red General, the children are aided by the magic of the sorceress they call Cooky. But can her magic keep the Aubreys alive long enough for them to destroy the dark lord?

Softcover edition. Tree Frog Press, Edmonton, 1982. ISBN 0-88967-045-5.

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