Time Ghost

Two girls from 2043, sent back to the green past, gain a chance to change their future.

Recommended age: 9-12.

Ottawa, 2030. The city is covered by a dome to protect people from pollution. There are only a few spots of real wilderness left in the world. With her parents off at a symposium on Luna One, twelve-year-old Sara at first isn't much interested in her grandmother's plans to take her and her older brother, Karl, on a trip to the North Pole. She feels safe living in crowded Ottawa under its protective dome, and besides, she couldn't care less about her grandmother's latest environmental crusade -- trying to stop a developer from drilling for oil under the polar ice cap. Things start to look up when she and Karl manage to bring their best friends, Danielle and Josh, along on the trip. But not even Dani can really understand Sara's secret fear of facing open spaces for the first time in her life. And the boys, it turns out, have a secret of their own -- a mysterious experiment that could prove Josh's theory that the North Pole is a doorway to another time, if only they could find the right key to unlock it. But it is the girls, not the boys, who discover the truth. Suddenly everything Sara and Dani are used to vanishes, and they are transported to a past where Sara must possess her own grandmother's twelve-year-old body, and Dani must become a "Time Ghost." Can they get back to their own time? And if they do, can they use what they learned of the 1990's to help prevent what is happening to their own world of the 21st century?

Comments on publication of Time Ghost:

"...As perfectly wrought as a Bach fugue."
-- London Free Press, October 15, 1994

"A well-written time-travel adventure."
-- American Library Association Booklist, May 1, 1995

"...A thoughtful examination of motives and relationships
...a subtle statement about the many meanings of courage."
-- Vancouver Sun, April 8, 1995

Reviews from Goodreads.Com

“Favourite book of all time. It made me cry thrice.” (Tessa L. )

Hardcover edition, Groundwood Books, Toronto, 1994. ISBN 0-88899-216-5.
Hardcover edition, McElderry Books, New York, 1995. ISBN 0-689-80027-4.
Softcover edition, Groundwood Books, Toronto, 1996. ISBN 0-88899-275-0.

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