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Coteau Books, the publishers of the reprint of Come Like Shadows, an encyclopedic review of all Welwyn's work and thoughts on writing. Note:postal and email adressess are out of date.

D.K. Brown's List of Popular English Canadian Authors for 12- and 13-year-olds

Review of Whalesinger

Review of Sun God, Moon Witch

The Camelot Project: An Interview with Prominent Contemporary Arthurian Authors

SF Site - Science Fiction and Fantasy Author Links

The Children's Literature Web Guide

Sarah Ellis's 1987 Notable Canadian Young Adult Fiction Page (Please be patient as archived link is slow to load.)

Best of 1994 "The Pick of the Fall Season in Canada" by Virginia Davis (Please be patient as archived link is slow to load.)

CBC Radio panel recommended books for boys. Sadly this link is no longer "alive". (Thanks Joyce H. for reporting it)

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